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We're Looking for Inspiring, Hair Lovers to Join Our Nectarine Hair Ambassador Program

Interested? Give Us a Few Details About You

Here at Nectarine Hair, we're accepting applications from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Netherlands for new Ambassadors all year long.

When you become an Ambassador, you'll take photos and film videos about your Nectarine Hair experiences. So, we want to see how you film!

Get started today!

To apply, please record a sample video of you introducing yourself (name, age, country) and answering one of the following questions in your native language.

1. Why do you want to  become a Nectarine Hair Ambassador?

2. What aspects do you find most exciting about being a Nectarine Hair Ambassador

3. Why do you love Nectarine Hair?

Answer the question that speaks the most to you or all of them.
Your video should be no more than 3 minutes long (It can also be just 30 seconds if you'd like)
You can film this video on your phone, tablet or camera.

When you are done, please email the video and a link to your socials to with "Ambassador Nectarine Hair" as the subject line.

Once we watch your video, we will review your application. If we think we would be a great fit for each other, we will reach out to you by email.

Why we would love to accept every potential ambassador, space is limited. So grab your favorite outfit, find the perfect lighting and show us your very best YOU!

Leaders. Social media influencers. Advocated. Hair lovers.

We are so excited about the Nectarine Hair Ambassador Program! We’re looking for inspiring individuals with voices that embody our message: Everyone deserves beautiful hair. 

As an ambassador, we want to hear what you think of our products! We ask all ambassadors to submit photos and videos of them using our products.

If you are selected as an ambassador you will receive a ton of perks!

You'll receive many goodies and other benefits including...

- Free products: We'll send you our an Ambassador box with all a sampling of all of our products for free!

- New Nectarine Hair: You may be asked to try our newest Nectarine Hair products first - before they are released in our store.

- Face of the brand - You will appear as a face and voice of the brand and you will influence/inspire hundreds of thousands other babes.

- The Official Nectarine Hair Ambassador title - This is a great opportunity to connect and share your voice with thousands of other babes.

Like to join Nectarine Hair Ambassador program? Send your application to